Ultimate Forensics
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Ultimate Forensics – Images, Video and realtime Streaming search

High-performance automated System of search by an indexed image, image fragment, video or online streaming without the need for classical pattern recognition. The system of preliminary preparation of the object of search and flexible filtering of search results provide high accuracy of search in a minimum of time. Compatibility with certified information security products and advanced logging systems provide the System adaptation to any existing security environments.

Integration of the System with the existing electronic document flow allows using the search results as evidence in court. We offer ready-made use cases for different security tasks and workflow templates.


The Ultimate Forensics system is able to find a lot more matches than a human

Faster and more precisely than hundreds of thousands of people

Ultimate Forensics system of automatic retrieval of visual information provides:

  • Scalability – the ability to work with databases that contain billions of images, millions of hours of video and thousands of live streams without noticeable change in search times.
  • Speed – the search result is provided in less than a second to implement processing of millions of search queries per day, while maintaining the performance in real-time.
  • Robustness – a large number of recognition algorithms. Thus, even significantly distorted images will be identified with the original image.
  • Efficiency – solution architecture allows inserting original images and receiving reports based on search results on cost efficient hardware.
  • Privacy – system operation should not lead to the disclosure of sensitive information or personal data.
  • Flexibility – system enables prompts, predefined templates for multi-criteria image and video analysis based on the content and elements as well as tags, metadata, additional information.

What can be used as a location of search?

What can be used as an object of search?

Ultimate Forensics Application Frame

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